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Last updated: 14.01.2020

There is nobody in the whole World who has never heard about the Google Play Store. There are available plenty of various applications to download anytime you want. Some of them are free to use, other ones have determined price to buy. One thing is important here – Google Play has probably more apps than any other store connected with creating and purchasing different applications. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which tool or game make downloaded and in this situation an option to use free Google Play codes seems to be a solution for all users who want to both save some cash and enjoy all best Google Play products the same time.

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If you want to know a difference between paid and gratis apps, you must understand a commonly used rule – usually free applications give you just basic options or functionalities, all best possibilities are locked in a premium mode that is most often a paid version. Purchasing any program or having a subscription is easy but you can wonder sometimes if it’s worth to pay for it.

Happily, now you can avoid paying for apps – you can enjoy everything available in the Google Play Store for free with codes that are very easy to use. A way you’ll know here soon is a combination of using gift cards and a code generator that works in a gratis option. Let’s familiarize with the world of Google play to know all its advantages, possibilities and extras like codes and presents you can use anytime you want.

Google Play cards

1. You can access codes for Google Play in the gratis mode but how much you know Google Play and its options for users?

Google Play started on the market as the Android Market and it’s a digital store created and managed by Google. Google Play is the official shop with various types of applications designed for the Android operating system and all devices that use it. The store allows users to download apps for free or purchase special or premium versions of them.

It’s only your decision if you prefer using free products or pay for items or their subscription. In this article you’ll know everything that may be connected with using Google Play and its products without paying for them – things like Google Play gift card options, almost unlimited free Google Play codes or even a special and secret tool called a Google Play code generator. So if you’re interested in having the access to specials connected with Google products, you’re in the right place.

1.1. Google Play catalog of content – for what things you can use free codes you can get?

Google Play Gift Cards

You have already known that apps available on Google Play may be gratis and fee-based. But do you know in details what things you can find in the store? The catalog of content connected with all things Google offers to its users is wide and diversified. And that’s also the big advantage of having the device with this operating system – having Android you may be convinced that there will be never enough apps to get bored with them.

In this situation the access to gift cards and free to use codes for Google Play is the thing you will appreciate for sure. There are lots of regular users of these systems and you’ll know better soon these special hack ways and get the chance to use all of them, including an adder for code modes.

1.1.1. What can you find on Google Play? An overview of apps, games and other things you can get with gratis codes

There aren’t only games available in the Google Play Store. What can you find there having in mind that everything that needs paying may be available for you in the gratis mode with special Google Play gift card options and with free Google Play codes that may be got with the Google Play code adder and simple gratis hack ways.

Products you can find in the Google Play store:

  • Android applications – Google Play offers more than 3.5 million of aps that may be downloaded and purchased. If you’re an user you can pre-order applications before they are available and you have some different options of paying for services. If you don’t like using your credit card, you can get also a monthly phone bill and you have always 48 hours for refund requesting. Sounds great if you’re a customer but it’s still connected with wasting your private cash in the store. Fortunately, you can use gratis codes for Google Play or get gift cards to cover all expenses of paid versions of apps. There are some ways to cheat and one of them is having the access to the generator.
  • games – it’s impossible to describe games available in the store of Google and a range of prices they have, possible is for sure to write that you can enjoy even paid games for free if you know the way how to get Google Play gift cards and codes.
  • music – there you can access music and podcast streaming services and online music locker with more than 40 million songs and gratis cloud storage of even 50,000 songs.
  • books – love books? You can check Google Play Books and enjoy over 5 million ebooks you can buy and that are available with codes and gift cards because only some of them are free to use.
  • movies and TV shows – it offers videos on demand: movies and shows to buy or pay per view.
  • news and magazines – a part of Google Play that offers subscriptions of digital magazines and topical news feeds.
  • devices – if you want to buy Google-branded hardware.
  • Play Pass – available in the USA for a monthly subscription.

1.1.2. Know payment methods available on Google Play and consider free option of codes you can use

Using Google Play is unfortunately connected with spending money there. You can pay with credit and debit cards, use PayPal or even set the bill and the subscription that is available to paid monthly.

But these ways are still connected with paying and it would be better to enjoy gratis options and use paid products the same time. Then the solution are Google Play gift cards and free Google Play codes. They allow you to save money because you can use some tricks to hack them and get the access to all best Google Play apps without paying. Interested? If you want to know all of these things better, you’ll see them soon.

1.2. Google Play interface and design – how to manage this store? Learn more before you start enjoying gratis and easy to get codes

Managing Google Play and searching applications is quite easy there. You can look for names, keywords and categories. There are also filters you can use to determine, for example, if the app you search may be free or paid. Before you download the app, you can also know its popularity and rating. Quantity of downloading is shown with a badge of colors.

At the first glance you can see if the app you’re interested in is gratis to use or needs paying. Then is the moment when you must decide if you want to spend money or be a little smarter and get free Google Play codes (and doesn’t matter if you use for this the Google Play code generator or Google Play gift card cheat ways).

Using the store is quite easy, hacking gift cards and codes may be made within only a while too because the adder works for all interested users and different devices but what about design of the interface? Simple usage means a lot but everything should also be nice to eye. First of all, the Google Play‘s interface has been redesigned several times so far. The recent version was designed and changed last year, a section with reviews opens now on dedicated page, light box viewer has larger images, etc. Actually everybody can say that at present Google Play is comfortable to use and may be understood by every user who visits it.

2. Find out more about gift cards of Google Play and codes you can use for free

You have already known something more about Google Play and now it’s the time to start an exact article you’re interested in. We’re going to start with details about Google Play gift cards and ways to get free codes. But it still isn’t everything because you must also know the generator that you may use if you want to save cash on Google Play services.

Everything that you can read here is reliable and you can use these ways anytime you want. Google Play is full of hacks and tricks as every big online business available in the web. Your advantage is connected with the possibility to enjoy something in working but cheated version. Using the Google Play code generator is fair, you have the right to be smarter. Notice that there are many hacking ways that may be used by you and it’s only your decision which ones you will use.

2.1. What is the gift card of Google Play?

The gift card (called also a gift certificate, a gift voucher or a gift token) is a prepaid stored-value money card used as an alternative to cash purchases. There may be offered as presents, discounts or many different special promotions made up by shops – traditional and online ones. Gift cards may be used only for purchases, not for exchanging their value for real money. Having the gift card for the determined shop, you can buy all goods and items under the value of the card you have.

The Google Play gift card works according to the upper rule and thanks to it you can pay for different Google services like apps, movies, books, music, membership, etc. What’s important, Google isn’t a seller of these gift vouchers. They are available to buy from many different retailers and they are offered in online and offline options of purchasing. You should be aware that the digital gift certificate is the great way to buy anything you want from Google Play. Then you must care only about the amount you have to spend, not about any other issues you can face having the access to gift cards. With Google Play vouchers there are connected also other important things you should know but be patient, there is the time to write about other things you should know like codes and the generator.

Have you ever heard, for instance, that Google has some restrictions connected with accessing Google Play? They are connected mainly with users of Google who aren’t adult. People under 18 (or 21 in some countries) can’t get the access to Google Wallet. Then using the gift card is better because nobody asks users about their personal details and they can enjoy all apps according to access from the card.

It shows that people who love saving cash and people who aren’t adult often search for solutions that are connected with enjoying gift vouchers for free. If you’re interested in gratis Google Play gift cards, you’re in the right place now and doesn’t matter who you are and for what you need these cards. With special codes or the generator you can get unlimited and fee-free gift cards and then the only thing you should do is enjoying any Google Play services you want.

2.1.1. What are codes you can use with gift cards made by Google Play?

Codes of Google Play gift cards are series of numbers and letters designating amount of money you can spend to buy digital products in the Google Play Store. You must know that these codes are important not only because the fact that they may be used to purchase something or unlock premium, they are important also for all users interested in getting them without paying. You can get them normal way with cash or use gratis ways and then enjoy apps without paying.

Free Google Play codes are special option of people who want to cheat a little the system and enjoy some Google services without money. It’s free and fair – you don’t need to use the generator if you don’t want to cheat with this system, there are also official ways to collect codes you can then spend the way you want. One thing is important – you should know both these methods to decide if you want to earn some free Google Play codes or just just use the Google Play code generator and get the same within just a while.

2.1.2. How does codes for Google Play work? Is it possible to get them for free?

Google Play codes work like payment and it doesn’t matter if you get them for free or with money. If you visit the Google Play Store, you can pay with these codes for apps, books, music and the rest services that have price. Also premium levels may be unlocked with them or using Google Play credit you can pay for currencies you need in popular games like Roblox Robux, Clash of Clans Gems and many more. You know all of them better if you’re the player.

It’s your decision how you get them and if you use these codes for your needs or share them with your friends or family. Google Play gift cards may be give as presents, for example. But it’s still isn’t everything! Google Play codes haven’t date of expiration! If you get them, you can use these codes as many times as you want.

Purchasing gift cards and codes is easy and well-known so what about free Google Play codes? How to get them? It’s the time to explain some ways of earning points you can then exchange into codes. Later you’ll also know the Google Play code generator having a full view of cheat ways you can use to enjoy completely gratis mode codes. The second way doesn’t require any your special actions but conducting a process of generating that may be completed within only couple of minutes.

2.2. How to get gratis codes for Google Play? Working ways you can use anytime

We’re starting with earning points that may be then exchanged into codes. These points are bonuses for doing tasks and some specified things:

  1. Google Opinion Rewards:

You can get codes for free also from Google itself. It’s one of the most popular ways and we should start in this place. You must register up for Google Opinion Rewards and then you complete surveys you get from a team that cares about surveys and opinions in Google.

If you’re interested in this way of doing tasks to get free Google Play codes, you can do it with both iOS and Android devices. There are apps made for Google Play and App Store and it for sure make filling surveys more comfortable for you as the user of Google.

Each survey you fill may be paid even $1. It’s hard to determine the quantity of surveys you will have to fill every week. Sometimes it may be only one survey sometimes a couple of times you get the task to do.

What are surveys shared by Google about? They are made with third-party companies and it’s connected with facing wide range of topics you can see. They can concern not only the Internet, technology or online services but also, for instance, logos, food or things you can’t even expect.

If you’re interested in this way of getting free Google Play codes, you can be sure that you do it legal and the way you use works for real. So if you want to cooperate with Google and get its gift cards for free, only for the work you do, you should check filling these surveys.

  1. Gift Box (Android App):

It’s one of the highest rated app you can use to get free to use codes and gift cards for Google Play. It’s easy to use and there is also a bonus reward wheel that spin to help you in getting additional rewards and points.

  1. AppNana:

On AppNana you get 400 points every day only for logging into your account. tasks you must do there are simple as fruitcake – you play games and downloading apps. This way you collect Nana reward points and you can get gift cards of Google Play but also of iTunes, Amazon and others.

An AppNana Store itself has also paid applications and if you like them you can exchange earned points not only into free Google Play codes but also Nana apps.

  1. Free Google Play Codes list:

Yes, there are lists of codes available to find in the internet but sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. You can, of course, check them if you want but remember that it may be connected with wasting time you can spend on other things.

13UUY-CYEW-2YKU-6TL8-9K9K$20Activate Now
22CJA-PRZG-8MPX-3JD4-6P4T$10Already Used
39TXY-PFWV-7RPJ-2MG2-4N4X$25Already Used
44NXE-GBGW-5KSQ-4JH5-4X5E$35Activate Now
52XLW-EFLA-9BGK-3ZD8-4B5R$30Activate Now
68SWY-KHDQ-6PJL-2VP5-8Z4V$5Activate Now
73ASP-ZCYJ-5ZFK-3DS8-6S2N$15Already Used
84KMH-RUSX-3KJQ-6LJ3-4H5X$50Already Used
92CUY-VMWU-7BXF-5NU2-3G9Q$60Activate Now
104TMG-PTAH-2FTU-4RF5-6X2X$70Already Used
116ZTB-BNGD-6BJJ-2ZJ9-4U3T$75Already Used
125JSY-BSNU-9NYL-2JV9-6E2R$90Activate Now
132QXC-TSHP-7ADK-6HN2-6M8T$20Already Used
143FFR-XLTU-4YAX-4FT6-8H9J$10Already Used
154MZQ-EGAV-2JXR-8VJ8-6Z7Z$25Activate Now
163TMW-ZHGZ-4HFC-8RV3-8Z6Y$35Activate Now
175MHN-HNQR-6XDF-5BE9-4H2X$30Activate Now
186CRD-NDZP-5UPX-7DM6-6H2M$5Already Used
198AAT-DMLF-8RYJ-3YT8-8E6S$15Already Used
203LKK-DSME-4ABC-2CZ5-7L7U$50Activate Now
219TZX-LSJW-8JGF-3YV6-4U8E$60Activate Now
226NLW-KPUJ-3DQE-9LQ3-6W8B$20Already Used
238ZWZ-TDUM-4NKZ-4DM2-8B2Z$10Activate Now
242JXM-NYEH-6AGC-6DH4-9A5C$25Already Used
253JPE-EEHT-4AUL-6ZR2-4M7Y$35Already Used
269KQM-VBBC-8JTH-8RW3-8C9J$30Activate Now
274BWS-FRPK-7GDN-4YW6-4W6B$5Activate Now
289JXZ-CJPZ-7NDD-5KJ6-4H5X$15Activate Now
296BDB-ULQX-8DHN-8DT6-4E4T$50Already Used
304PBB-GTMR-7BML-7KM8-4G3L$60Activate Now

  1. Feature Points:

This way is based on downloading apps that must be tried by you for at least one minute. Apps you must download are changed regularly – they are not only games but also the latest versions of programs popular among Internet users. Sometimes you can also watch videos to collect additional points.

For points you collected, you can get access to paid apps or get free Google Play codes. Want to earn points faster? Recommend Feature Points to your friends and get 50% affiliate of all points your referrals collected.

  1. PayPrizes:

On the market there is something called PayPrizes, a website where you have the possibility to earn free and unlimited Google Play gift cards doing simple tasks or downloading apps. You need a little patience and for sure time to use this way. Points you can earn depend on the task you do at the time. The more time you spend downloading, doing tasks or watching ads, the more points you’ll earn.

It isn’t too complicated to get 1,000 – 5,000 points and 1,000 points means the option to redeem them into the Google Play gift card of $10. You can use this card the way you like because it works like any bought gift voucher. This way is free if you don’t count your time spent on doing tasks.

PayPrizes is reliable and – what’s worth emphasizing – it’s the legit website focused on sharing tasks and things exchangeable into official and working Google Play gift cards with codes you can use the way you want.

  1. GPlayReward:

The another website you can earn free Google Play gift cards with working codes. The rule of its work is GPT (get paid to) way also connected with exchanging earned points into various Google Play gift vouchers.

GPplayReward offers survey routers, walls of offers, ads to watch and sometimes you can find there aso special daily bonuses that may help you to get $10, $25 or $50 gift cards easier and faster.

  1. InstaGC:

You start your adventure with InstaGC with initial bonus of 10 points and notice that there the range of points you need for $1 is different (100 points are equal $10 there). Sometimes there are also additional options of maximizing your points and then you earn gift cards faster.

Collecting points and codes here, you also complete surveys and watch videos, but there are also options of searching the web or shopping from sponsored partners.

There is also the option to recommend this service to your friends and then you get 110 points for each user you referred.

  1. Buying a Chromecast device:

Registering on Chromecast offers and purchasing the Chromecast device you can get between $5 and $25 gift cards that you can spend the way you want.

  1. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is one of the biggest reward websites, very popular among various Internet users. And again the rule of its work is the same – everything is based on earning points that are then exchanged into cards. Again you must fill surveys, watch videos and ads, play games or do shopping.

Why is this way so important for users? Because you don’t need an app to get free Google Play services known for gift cards and codes.

A rate of points you need to exchange them is similar to other sites like this. To get free Google Play codes worth $50, you must collect 5,000 points and redeem them into the voucher.

  1. Tap Cash Rewards:

Some things on Tap Cash Rewards make it similar to other platforms with free points to earn – you collect them for usinga and downloading apps, play games and watch videos. You can also get some additional points if you use your account regularly and log into it. If you link your account with your Facebook, you become VIP and it’s also connected with having some additional advantages.

Other bonus points are connected with recommending the platform to others and each user you bring there gives about 100 points into your balance.

  1. FreeMyApps:

First of all – points you collect may be exchanged into Google Play gift cards or donated for charities.

Almost everything in this platform is the same as in other services you have already known. But FreeMyApps is appreciated by its users because of the fact that it offers points for watching YouTube videos!

Believing in numbers the platform shares with its users, it distributes large amounts among customers who can exchange them into free Google play codes and currencies they need to play games.

  1. Cubicer:

To win some Google Play gift cards or get extra PayPal balance, you can use Cubicer (previously known as Cubic Reward), the platform that works basing on using apps and games or referring people these services.

  1. JunoWallet (Android App):

JunoWallet is the another way to earn points and codes you can use in Google Play. Of course, it’s based on all well-known methods of collecting points you have read so far.

But it has also some unique features – you can make calls and grasp mystery rewards to get more points. Each mystery rewards offer must be opened within 10 seconds or it will disappear.

Referring the platform means as usual getting bonus points into your balance. And there is a layer basis for users – the more referrals you have and the more time you spend in the app, the more points you can get.

Points you collect may be exchanged not only into free Google Play codes but also different things you may be interested in.

  1. Registering your Samsung device:

You don’t need to buy Google appliances to get free Google Play gift cards, also other companies offer gratis gift vouchers and codes if you purchase their products. Now it concerns Samsung but there may be also other devices that are connected with offers like this one.

  1. WHAFF Rewards (Android App):

To start this, you must link your facebook account with WHAFF Rewards. Everything works like normal, it’s connected with downloading games and apps. What’s important, if you have these downloaded programs on your smartphone for a longer time, you can get additional points.

Then you exchange points into PlayStation codes, gift cards and codes for Google Play or cryptos (BTC, ETH).

Okay, you have already had codes to use. How to exchange gift cards into real value? Everything is focused around having the access to gratis codes but you also must know the way how to use them to take advantage of all their features.

2.3. How to exchange codes of gift cards? Know-how for free and paid options of Google Play you can use

You have codes to use. Both gratis and paid gift coupons are used the same way. What to do to use you balance?

You start with logging into your Google Play account. You use it to search apps, games and other things you’re interested in. Check premium and paid items because you want to spend the amount you have on your card or just find the app you have previously found and you want to download now.

Click “buy” button, hit continue and they you’ll see payment methods to choose. Select the Google Play gift card balance to pay with your voucher. Just pay for the item you want. It’s that simple! If you have more questions, you can always visit a Google’s Official Guide and look for things you wonder.

And here you should read something like “Done!” but it isn’t everything you can find in the web and what it’s offered for you in this article. Now you’re about to know the method that is easier and takes less time. Let us introduce you the Google Play code generator, the system that may work for all users interested in enjoying completely free codes from gift cards.

3. The generator for codes you can get for free and use on Google Play

You were very patient and now there is the solution for you you have been looking for if you’re interested in completely gratis mode of the adder. Don’t you want spend time on collecting points you can exchange into codes? Are you tired with enjoying free gift cards only from time to time? Welcome to the world of unlimited free Google Play codes you can use the way you want.

The tool you can access there is popular among people who want to get Google Play gift card gratis options within a couple of minutes. Let us introduce you the special hack system created to cheat. You’ll fall in love with it for sure.

3.1. What is the code easy-to-use generator for Google Play?

Introducing you this tool we will start with describing you what this system is. It isn’t enough just to write that this Google Play gift card generator is the easiest way to get gratis and unlimited gift vouchers and codes you can use in the Google Play Store. You must know that it’s the tool that creates gratis codes for users and that is efficient, reliable and may work online that make it even better. Why? Because you don’t need to download any software to use this adder. If you can connect your device with the Internet, you can generate free Google Play codes that work like normal ones.

Thanks to the whole work an experienced developing team has done to create this system, you can just connect with this generator, create as many codes as you need and enjoy them for paying for Google Play services.

3.2. How does this Google Play special adder for code options work?

The adder for codes works based on efficient and simple algorithm of finding unused Google Play codes. You can’t imagine how many codes were missed or lost and have been never used.

The only limit you must respect is the fact that in some countries Google Play gift cards don’t work. Make sure that you’re from following countries (or you IP device address is from one of below locations): USA, India, Indonesia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

3.3. How to create Google Play unlimited and free to get codes with this generator?

If you decide to use the generator, you need a while, the Internet connection that works because this system works only online and a little patience to wait till this operation is completed. You don’t need any technical knowledge or special skills to use this adder. There are some simple steps that are the same for all processes made to hack unlimited and free Google Play codes.

First of all, make sure that your Internet connection is stable. If the process is broken or missed, you must start it again and this time you can waste your precious time. If you know that you can connect with the web, it’s the time to initiate the process of generating gratis codes.

Follow simple instructions you can see: select your location and the device you use. Start generating by clicking the button “Generate Now”. Wait patiently, the whole process is fast and within a couple of minutes you can see your unique free Google Play gift code you can use right after you can see it.

When you can see the code, you can redeem it as usual. The guide you can read in upper know-how chapter. The code is used during paying for premium apps or games, then you just choose the option of covering the price with the code.

4. Some last tips and a write-up description of the adder for gratis codes you can generate for Google Play

gift cards back code

Now is the time you can decide if you want to spend cash for Google Play services, earn points you can exchange into gift cards or just use the adder to get codes that may be yours within only a while. One is important – here you get working advices and reliable ways to save cash and use free Google Play codes without any fees. Remember that the Internet is full of methods that claim that only them are gratis and the most reliable. Most of them cheat only on you, not on Google Play or anything else. You must stay calm and aware of everything, looking for solutions for Google Play gift card options that don’t require paying.

All options you can see here have been checked and you can use them now and probably also in the future. The community of the Google Play code generator is becoming bigger and bigger and it shows which way people prefer to use. At present when people are mostly busy all day long, they like using most convenience methods that are the fastest. But some people don’t like using cheat tool and they still spend their time doing tasks that are exchanged into points and then codes. About purchasing gift cards we don’t need to write anything more, it’s obvious that it costs but it’s still the very first solution for many Google Play users.

Now you have checked everything available in the web. It’s the time to make your decision. There are lots of apps, games and other products waiting in the Google Play Store for you.

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